​Meguiar’s® Super Degreaser

Meguiar’s® Super Degreaser exceeds expectations by quickly breaking down even the toughest grease. Its fast acting, free rinsing formula prevents unsightly white residue stains while its herbal fragrance creates a pleasant work environment.

​Meguiar’s® Hyper Wash

Meguiar’s® Hyper Wash is an ultra concentrated shampoo with exceptional foaming properties.  An environmentally friendly biodegradable product with an incredibly slick formula to remove contaminants safely and effectively.

​Meguiar’s® Glass Cleaner

Meguiar’s® Glass Cleaner Concentrate easily and consistently removes tough vinyl fog residue, road grime, smoker’s film and bug splatter producing crystal clear, streak-free glass. Formulated specifically for professional automotive use with consistent streak-free results. Ammonia free/window tint safe CPSIA product.

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​Meguiar’s® Hyper Dressing

Meguiar’s® Hyper Dressing used at its lowest dilution ratio produces the highest shine available in a water-based dressing. This type of gloss was formerly only available from silicone dressings but Meguiars has duplicated the high gloss shine with this safe, water-based tire dressing.

Chemical Guys® Butter Wax

  • 100% carnauba-based wax

  • New formulation for even easier application

  • Deep wet look to any paintwork

  • Improved level of protection

  • Natural carnauba cleaning power

  • More UVA & UVB protection

  • Ultra smooth protective coating

C.QUARTZ Ceramic Paint Protection

​The original Quartz-based coating that put the latest advances in Nanotechnology in the hands of detailing enthusiasts, CarPro CQuartz remains at the cutting edge of automotive protection technology. CQuartz bonds to paint, glass, metal, and plastic at a molecular level, effectively becoming a functional element of the vehicle’s surface. This coating’s hard hydrophobic, glass-like finish helps to protect your vehicle from weathering, UV-damage, industrial and organic fallout, acids, and alkaline contaminants.

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