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We know what your vehicle goes through. From French fry fights and ice cream runs in the backseat, to trips to the beach and your first instance of spilled coffee at the drive-thru, the average Detailing client needs a complete interior and exterior detail at least every 6 months to freshen the carpets and upholstery, dredge out the crumbs and sticky residue from the console and cup holders, and to keep the hard surfaces, metals, and glass free from dust, dirt, and hand grime.

In more extreme cases, we provide innovative European steam cleaning, odor removal and control, and interior coatings to help protect against future accidents. Hometown ensures that all of your interior surfaces and fabrics, including the carpet, are free from dirt, debris, and odor-causing bacteria.

Just because your vehicle is several years old, doesn't mean making it shine again is hopeless! The onslaught begins just weeks after you buy your car and it only worsens over time. UV rays from the sun fade the paint, a chemical process known as oxidation leaves the surface cloudy, and even rain and wind deliver a wallop of dangerous contaminants. One raindrop contains pollen, mold, bacteria, dust, soil, pollutants, plant parts, algae, and insect parts that leave dusty residue that is difficult to remove.

By bringing the state of your vehicle up to our standards for excellence, Hometown works outwardly from there to determine what, if any, additional services are needed such as Paint Correction, Clay Bar, Semi-permanent Coatings, etc.

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